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N° 52

Frater's e-magazine

             This month the Biodanza is emphasized in our magazine. We bring a letter of Rolando Toro, creator of this system, which remember the mission of a biodanza facilitator. In a second article a reflection on the biocentric principle and yet a video about Biodanza.

             Coming out of the Biodanza theme we will know the history of the Cathars, a religious movement of the Middle Ages which was one of the factors that spurred the creation of the Inquisition courts. Good Read!



A few days before doing his passing the Professor Rolando Toro, creator of the Biodanza system writes a letter to the Biodanza community in Fortaleza city. But this message becomes in a last speech of our dear master addressed to all Biodanza facilitators of the world. (click here or over the photo to access the entire text)

The Biocentric Principle

The basis of the theoretical model of Biodanza (Biodanza System ®) is the biocentric principle. It is the immediate connection with the laws that preserve and allow the evolution of life. Elaborated by Rolando Toro Araneda, Chilean anthropologist and psychologist, the Biocentric principle has as an immediate reference the life, and is inspired by the universal laws that conserve living systems and renders possible its evolution. (click here or over the photo to access the entire text)

By Pedro Silva

Source https://maniadehistoria.wordpress.com/historia-dos-cataros/


They used to affirm that Jesus was not the son of God and defend the equality between women and men. Know the history of the cathars, christians who were victims of a crusade and target of the Inquisition. (click here or over the photo to access the entire text)

Biodanza – Dance of Life

This video produced by Biodanza School from Rio de Janeiro contains a brief explanation of Biodanza. With narration in English and subtitles in Portuguese rescues essential aspects of the Dance of Life. (click here or on the image to access the video).

Cathars: Extermination of the Pure

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