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Frater's e-magazine


Year VII

N° 49

             "What are the boundaries between an individual and another? This is the subject of the article that has studies about the influence of cells from other individuals in our body.

             Celebrating the Sweet Expects Core (group of pregnant women happening at Frater), we have, in the second article, a series of paintings about the humanized childbirth.

             The article about the movie Wild Reports and the Goofy Animation in Traffic are an invitation to reflection about our reactions to extreme situations, revenge relations, power and loss of control that make us think, who we really are. What are the limits of human beings for the light and for the shadow?                               Nice reading!

Scientists Discover Children’s Cells

Living in Mothers’ Brains

The Humanity of childbirth translated by Amanda Graevette painting

Wild Reports

Cinema reflections by Marco Guimarães & Myrthes Gonzalez


Goofy in the Traffic

This video is an animation of Walt Disney made in the 50 years. Is part of a driver's awareness campaign that happened in that decade of the last century. Despite of being very old the video remains extremely current. We can ask ourselves: what part of us is this, which the power of driving a car awakens?

(Click here or at the photo to access the video)

Amanda Graevette is a Canadian painter who loves watching childbirths. Defender of humanized childbirth she tries to translate the poetry of this fundamental moment of human existence. At Frater, the Sweet Expects Core works to help pregnant women (Click here or at the photo to access the text)

The link between a mother and child is profound, and new research suggests a physical connection even deeper than anyone thought. The profound psychological and physical bonds shared by the mother and her child begin during gestation [...] (Click here or at the photo to access the text)

Even without realizing it, we are daily subjected to situations that are humiliating and outrageous. We were educated to keep track and to submit ourselves, to not question. When we have a chance we make small disguised revenges, that in psychology we usually call performances. The knife edge that separates civilization from barbarism moves through a raw and unpredictable reality. (Click here or at the photo to access the text)