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JAN/FEB 2015


N° 50


             Never the humanity had more concrete conditions to solve their historical problems and to live a time of fullness and love.              Paradoxically, in a contradictory way of our chances, we have never been so close to a global totalitarian situation, with sophisticated control means, exacerbation of violence and ecological degradation.

             In this edition we bring the issue of the violence and the control in our central articles.

             On the other hand we discovered a little known facet of Rolando Toro: the poet. We will also find out what are somatic markers, within the theory of Antonio Damasio.

Good Read!

Reflections about violence

By Myrthes Gonzalez

It’s just turn on the television, the radio or access the internet to be immediately informed about acts of violence that spreads throughout the world. Are news and images that cause us a sense of fear and helplessness. The concrete action that is most talked to remedy this situation is to increase the security troops, that is, the control mechanisms. How much... (Click here or at the photo to access the text)

The Rolando Toro Poetry

Rolando Toro, creator of Biodanza, was also a poet, with several books published. At the end of the year we made a selection of some of his poems to read in during the class of the Art and Identity group. Here they are. The essence of Biodanza is the poetry of Rolando. Everyone who appreciates Biodanza will identify the dance in these words... (Click here or at the photo to access the text)

Big Data:

"We carry the listening device in the pocket"


Interviewed by Judith Reker                                                                                                              

Translated by Renata Ribeiro da Silva

Source: Goethe-Institut                                                        



Ivonne Hofstetter is director of a company that processes and evaluates huge amounts of data. In her book "They know about everything," she advocates a better way to deal with the digital revolution. "The Big Data confronts the individual with business models that question our conception of democratic society, our basic rights and the human nature." (Click here or at the photo to access the text)

Somatic Markers

Antonio Damasio is a well-known neuroscientist which tells us the true role of emotions in our decisions and ways of acting in the world. The video is a brief summary of one of his theories: The Somatic markers.

(click here or on the photo to access all text)

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