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Frater's e-magazineElipse:

             According to the biocentric principle, proposed by the creator of Biodanza, Rolando Toro, life is a systemic and organic phenomenon where infinite aspects of reality are intertwined. Fritjof Capra says that the crisis of our civilization is due to difficulty in perceiving these interconnections - which leads to a mechanical interference on people and the environment. Carl Jung explains the phenomenon of synchronicity, where the links occur on many levels, not just in a concrete and tangible plan.

             Corporeality, materiality and spirituality are phenomena intertwined of the plane more concrete to the more subtle. We believe that a new time for humanity depends to understand and assume these connections.

             Under this view, the Frater Magazine of this month will present to readers the agroforestry, a food production proposal in synergy with the forest. We will also bring a travel report where the synchronicity is a central point. Finally a small tale about the place that should occupy the really important things in our lives.

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Source http://www.universomistico.org/s/ernst-goetsch.html

Ernst Götsch was born in Switzerland, where he studied and worked with vegetable breeding until the decade of 70. By the invitation of a Brazilian student came to know the country, at a time when the expansion of the agricultural frontier in Parana was bringing down the centuries-old forests of Araucaria. (click here or on the image to access)

The vegetable garden to the forest

This video shows an example of "sintrópica" agriculture proposed by Ernest Götsch. (click here or on the image to access the video)

About Angels and Borders

By Myrthes Gonzalez

With a backpack on the back and an ingrained habit of walking, I decided to go in direction to Lisboa on foot. But I dismissed the security of the famous yellow small arrows and I went down by the coast, out off the pilgrimage route… (click here or on the image to access)

The Theory of Stones

From the book: Quaderno d’esercizi per vivere con simplicità ed essere felici – Paré &Guiffant


One day a lecturer was called to a lecture about "Effective management of own time" for a group of executives of a large company. He had only an hour to talk. Standing before this elite group the speaker slowly looked each participant and then said… (click here or on the image to access)