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SEP 2015


N° 54

             We are in a time of drastic changes and which happens at an amazing speed. The human being is a recent specie on this planet but, nevertheless, in the last ten thousand years, since we set ourselves in the land and we started to produce food, we transformed the face of the planet. We live in a time of crisis, when the lifestyle based on unlimited exploitation of natural resources can no longer remain. We have to go back to the simple. The  Frater magazine this month speaks about the magic of simplicity. We celebrate the arrival of a new way of perceiving the world.                                  Enjoy your reading!

Plenty in times of crisis

Denmark: The First Country that, by law, will only have organic agriculture.

First book of

Myrthes Gonzalez


Nine months in 4 minutes

In recent months most Brazilians have felt a growing instability and insecurity about the future. Not intend to discuss the political articulations and ethical issues that may have caused this time of instability we are living. What I want to propose is to reflect on the significance of this moment in the life of each of us. (click here or over the photo to access the entire text)

Denmark is preparing to have a fully sustainable agriculture. This is one of the projects that the current government intends to put in place to transform the Danish agriculture in 100% organic. (click here or over the photo to access the entire text)

1st day of September Myrthes Gonzalez launched her book Structuring Moments in Frater Biocentric Space. In this article we bring a short introduction to the theme. It is a common perception that mental health is the result of a happy childhood, where there is a constancy and safety in affective level. (click here or over the photo to access the entire text)

This beautiful and exciting video shows in 4 minutes the whole process of gestation of a human being from the moment of conception until birth. (Click here or on the image to access the video).


A reflection about the potency of the lived instant

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