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NOV 2014

Year VII

N° 48

In October, Frater Biocentric home reopens Tribe of Men, a proposal of experience and reflection on masculinity. To celebrate this event we bring two articles on masculinity, which somehow needs to be defined for new forms of behavior and emotional relationship. Also retake the inspiring story of the Greek god Kairos that will remind us of the importance of lived moment. Our video is about how to deal with a very current phenomenon: the  depression.        

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Masculine Gender in Biodanza

By Gastón Andino

Redefining the being Man

By Helio Arakaki

Kairós, the god of opportunities


This video from WHO (World Health Organization) makes an interesting metaphor which presents depression as a big drawback dog that follows a person in all places where it goes. (click here or on the photo to access the video)

Today we, men, are living in a deep identity crisis, which translates into questions such as:

What is the meaning of being a man today?

How to be a sensitive and affectionate man, having a manly posture without being male-chauvinist?

How can we relate ourselves with women in an authentic and creative way?  (click here or over the photo to access the entire text)

The patriarchal culture, with apology to macho values, brought a posture of domain and power in the men. Such behavior may be said, is the main origin of violence, from the domestic to the major conflicts, involving different ethnic groups and nations. (click here or over the photo to access the entire text)

Kairós, the god of opportunity, was the son of Zeus - the god of gods and of Tykhé, the deity of fortune and prosperity. Described as a beautiful young bald with a lock of hair on the forehead, he was an athlete and had an unrivaled agility. (click here or over the photo to access the entire text)

I had a black dog, his name was depression

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