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             We live in a world that we imagine exist, according to our beliefs and perception. But the world exceeds our ability to comprehend. At every step taken by humanity we discovered and we surprised ourselves about what always has been with us. The unlimited process of discovering the world also is the way to discover ourselves. The big challenge is to keep the vibration as a newcomer who not yet "is normatized" with what apparently repeat itself. When we get used and we began to say that everything is always the same, means that we gave up to see the new that is manifested every day. We gave up enchanting ourselves and we decided that life is monotonous and dull.

             The magazine of this month is an invitation to discovery. Subjects apparently already seen and reviewed here come in a new light to remember us to keep the enchantment in the face of life.                                                        GOOD READING!

The Fluid Discipline

By Myrthes Gonzalez

When we think of discipline is common we associate it to a hard and persistent behavior, determined rationally, with self-imposed rules that lead to the improvement of a certain activity which ultimately leads to the achievement of a goal. (click here or over the photo to access the entire text)

Astrological Ages

The term "Age of Aquarius" or New Age has been highly publicized in recent years, and has origin in the so-called Great Year, an evolutionary cycle that accompanies humanity. (click here or over the photo to access the entire text)

APR 2015


N° 51

Frater's e-magazine

From care instinct to a caregiver society

 The biology of our social relations.

By Silvia Garelli, obstetrician. Magazine D & D - Italy

Translation: Myrthes Gonzalez


"Adults are not inevitable prisoners of their own childhood. The resilience is present in all the human spirits and the care in adulthood (close friendships, structured marriages or a person who gives you support) represent the key of resilience." S. E. Raylor. (click here or over the photo to access the entire text)

Who really am I?

This question, essence of all philosophical questioning, is repeated throughout this video. Beyond, what we think we are, beyond what we feel, beyond all the definition exists the Being. Try this reflection, goes beyond what you think you are. (click here or on the photo to access the video)



Journey aboutArchetypes

STAGE I: 30/07 - 02/08


Biodanza and the

Afro-Brazilian Orishas


Rosa Maria Sá Britto Vieira


Archetypes, Collective Unconscious and the Numinous


Gelson Luís Roberto

STAGE II: 10/12 - 13/12


Training in

The Circle of Archetypes


 Raul Terrén &

Veronica Toro

Caixa de Texto: Porto Alegre - Brazil
Portuguese and Spanish speaking
English upon request